Share your input on the state's Active Transportation Plan

Comment deadline is February 15

The Washington State Department of Transportation is seeking comment on part one of its draft State Active Transportation Plan, 2020 and Beyond.

Check out WSDOT's online open house to find out more and make a comment. 

The open house includes a webinar presentation of the plan and its goals, as well as a downloadable pdf of the draft document itself.

The draft plan is Part 1 of two. It establishes the basis for statewide active transportation planning, preliminary public involvement, and a state of the current system. Part two will come out later in 2021. 

The state is seeking to make a complete and comfortable network of bicycle and pedestrian connections. To that end, WSDOT is planning for active transportation long-term the way it would for any other type of transportation. This work is important for improving the overall safety of the transportation system. 


I’m happy to hear these plans are to be in effect. A couple of years ago, I was walking to catch the bus to work and was hit by a commercial van turning the corner on a green light at a four way stop, while I had the right of way to walk. Too many times I have seen a negligence and improper care for the rules of the road and impatience—on both ends, driver to pedestrian (bike, scooter, etc.) which causes so many accidents unfortunately. There needs to be more respect for where and how we commute and there is a learning curve. There needs to be more reform or new structures for how we make clear boundaries between how we travel. King County, and Seattle in particular is a huge area with a lot of people and quickly growing without a stop in sight. I hope that one day, transportation here can be the shining beacon and example for many other communities to model. There is a lot of promise here to make that happen. I used to work at UW, and with the construction of the light rail right next door, this could also help mitigate some of the congestion and traffic.