FAST Freight Advisory Committee

The FAST Corridor is a partnership of cities, counties, ports, federal, state and regional transportation agencies, railroads and trucking interests, intent on solving freight mobility problems with coordinated solutions. The committee generally meets bi-monthly.

Upcoming Meeting

Wednesday, April 10
9:30 - 11:30 am
PSRC, 1011 Western Ave, 5th Floor, Seattle

About the FAST Freight Advisory Committee

PSRC's FAST Freight Advisory Committee builds on the successes of the long-standing FAST Corridor Partnership and serves as the ad-hoc advisory body which provides input into state, regional, and local planning processes with regards to freight and goods movement issues.  The original FAST Corridor Partnership has completed or funded almost all of the original 25 FAST Corridor projects that have been undertaken since the partnerships formation in 1996, successfully leveraging scarce federal funding sources with local contributions to complete projects that have broader, corridor-wide benefits.  Today, much of the knowledge that went into that effort, is now represented by the FAST Freight Advisory Committee.  ​

FAST Corridor Partnership Documents

Please contact PSRC's Information Center (206-464-7532) for past project information, maps and other FAST Corridor materials.