COVID-19 Mobility Survey

Last Updated: 
Oct 5, 2020

The University of Washington and the Puget Sound Regional Council are asking for your help with a second COVID-19 survey.

The survey will help us understand how the pandemic is impacting our daily schedules, lifestyle choices, and mental well-being.

What are these surveys about?

Data collected through these surveys provides a snapshot of how people adapted in the pandemic. The shifts in mobility patterns and behavior reflected in these surveys may have important implications for future planning efforts, including commute trip reduction and regional traffic congestion mitigation.

Prior survey

Between the end of April and early June, more than 4,500 individuals from around the country participated in the first COVID-19 Mobility Survey. About three-quarters of these respondents, more than 3,400 people, live in the central Puget Sound region, including King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.

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