Displacement Risk Mapping

Last Updated: 
Mar 22, 2017

The displacement risk tool was developed to identify areas at greater risk of displacement based on current neighborhood conditions.

Link to displacement risk analysis map.

Displacement Risk is a composite of indicators representing five elements of neighborhood displacement risks: socio-demographics, transportation qualities, neighborhood characteristics, housing, and civic engagement.

The data from these five displacement indicators were compiled into a comprehensive index of displacement risk for all census tracts in the region.








Displacement Risk Index


•  Race/ethnicity
•  English proficiency
•  Education attainment
•  Renters
•  Household income

Transportation qualities

•  Access to jobs by auto
•  Access to jobs by transit
•  Proximity to existing transit
•  Proximity to planned transit

Neighborhood characteristics

•  Proximity to supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants
•  Proximity to schools
•  Proximity to parks
•  Proximity to high-income areas


•  Housing cost-burden
•  Median rent
•  Access to transit
•  Development capacity

Civic engagement

•  Voter turnout