Extension Form and Instructions

Last Updated: 
Mar 14, 2018

The Project Tracking Policies provide sponsors with PSRC FHWA funds awarded to a right of way or construction phase the opportunity to apply for either a 45-day or 1-year extension if they do not anticipate making their June 1st obligation deadline.  Extension requests are due to PSRC by February 15th.

Link to:


To access the form, you will use your agency’s existing Regional TIP Web Application username and password.  If you do not have an existing username, or have any question on the form, please contact Kalon Thomas at kthomas@psrc.org.

Once the form is started, you may save and return to it as necessary for editing, prior to submitting the form to PSRC by the February 15th deadline. Please note when you log back onto the system you will be shown a row of information with a Reference# identified; click on “Edit” to the left of this number to access your previously-saved form for editing.

Resource Document

Extension Forms require you to provide information on the status of major project milestones required to obligate federal funds. The following Resource Document has been developed to assist you in understanding the information that will be needed to complete the form.