Graduating class of the 2023 Summer Planning Academy.
Summer Planning Academy, 2023

Summer Planning Academy (SPA)

Are you a high school student who is curious about how cities grow, change, and develop? Have you ever wondered how governments decide where train lines go? Do you have ideas about how to make our communities better places for everyone? If so, you may be interested in PSRC's Summer Planning Academy (SPA)!


SPA is a leadership development opportunity offered free of charge to students interested in planning a better future for our region. SPA introduces students to planning topics through engaging sessions, activities, and site visits led by regional planning experts at PSRC, colleagues from partner agencies, and leaders from the community. The program encourages students to think creatively about how better planning can help people lead better lives. SPA can also help young people map out the required steps toward a career in the planning field.

Upon successful completion of SPA, students are eligible to receive a $500 scholarship. Students will also receive a certificate to include in college, vocational and/or job applications.

Applications for the 2023 summer cohort have closed.


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