Webinars & Workshops


Passport to 2044: Comprehensive Plan Workshop Series

The Puget Sound Regional Council, the Washington State Department of Commerce, and the Municipal Research and Services Center are hosting a series of online workshops to support the comprehensive plan periodic updates. Learn more.


TOOLBOX Series is focused on best practices and resources for local planning and implementation. Each session will provide information, resources, and tools, and include a panel presentation and breakout discussions. Learn more.


Census Workshops

In partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau, the Puget Sound Regional Council hosts workshops that cover a wide range of useful Census data products and resources for supporting local planning work. Learn more.

From Pandemic to Prosperity: Reimagining Downtowns

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted downtowns and urban cores in unforeseen ways that now provide opportunities to revitalize these places to better serve all people. On Friday, September 29, 2023, join industry and community leaders to explore cutting edge data analysis, innovative techniques, and best practices to reimagine downtowns for our shared prosperity. Learn more.

Incentives for TOD: TIF and Other Financing Tools

Transit-oriented development (TOD) offers many benefits, yet conventional real estate financial tools and development appraisal methods may not be favorable to TOD due to its mix of uses and lower parking ratios. Experts and practitioners shared information about financing tools for equitable TOD, including tax increment financing (TIF) a financing tool that local governments use to fund public infrastructure in targeted areas to encourage private development and investments. Learn more.

Regional Safety Summit

This free event gathers diverse voices to discuss how we, as a region, move forward to reaching zero road fatalities and serious injuries. The summit will be a first step to inform the creation of a regional safety plan to make the central Puget Sound region safer for us all. Learn more.

TOD For All: Planning for 1 Million+ New People Near Transit

The region is growing and making historic investments in transit, with over one million new residents expected to live near high-capacity transit by 2050. Join industry and community leaders to explore innovative techniques and best practices to build and sustain equitable transit communities that are accessible to all people and help to achieve the region’s vision for growth. Learn more.