HIP Tool: Mobile/Manufactured Homes

Mobile/manufactured homes offer a very affordable option for single-family ownership and rental housing. Allowing placement of mobile or manufactured homes in single-family zones can increase affordability and housing choice in single-family neighborhoods. Preserving manufactured home communities at risk of redevelopment is an effective strategy for sustaining an important component of the affordable housing stock, as well as preventing dislocation of existing residents.


Manufactured housing provides relatively dense single-family housing in urbanized and rural areas. The number of manufactured home communities has declined in some jurisdictions as a result of redevelopment pressures. Jurisdictions can protect manufactured home communities in the following ways:

  • Creating zoning classifications or standards that restrict other uses.
  • Enacting mobile home park conversion ordinances.
  • Exempting manufactured homes relocated due to park closures from new building regulations.
  • Purchasing/transferring land development rights associated with the underlying property.

Jurisdictions can also permit individual manufactured homes on single-family lots. Resident-owned cooperatives have been effective in preserving manufactured home communities and raising funds necessary for infrastructure improvements. See Preservation for additional information on this tool.

Tool Profile

Focus Areas

  • Expensive Housing Markets
  • Innovative Single Family Techniques

Project Types

  • Single Family
  • Ownership
  • Market Rate

Affordability Level

  • Less than 80% AMI

Housing Goal

  • Affordability
  • Diversity