Model: Transit Sketch Planning

Last Updated: 
Jan 22, 2015

Transit Sketch Planning helps identify new transit service and increases in existing service. PSRC uses the Transit Competitiveness Index and the Service Planning Tool.

Transit Competitiveness Index

Local jurisdictions, communities, and neighborhood stakeholders need to understand how changes in conditions affect the competitiveness of transit in specific locations or travel markets. For example:

   • What happens if a new housing development is built in a neighborhood?

   • How would the closing of a large employer affect transit ridership?

Service Planning Tool

Transit planners have a good understanding of commuting patterns and capacity in their region. But it can be difficult to predict the repercussions of changes within the network. For example:

   • What would happen if transit fares were raised by 10 percent?

   • Would increased Park and Ride capacity encourage transit usage?

   • How would the introduction of new light rail service alter commuting preferences?