Centers Framework Update

PSRC worked with members and other partners to develop ways to support and recognize the region's diverse centers.

This project evaluated the regional centers framework and adopted structural changes to recognize different scales of centers using consistent designation criteria and procedures.

What's Happening Now?

Following review through 2017 and a public comment period in the fall, the Growth Management Policy Board recommended the Centers Framework Update to the Executive Board for final action. The Executive Board adopted the revised framework in March 2018.  PSRC will be working with members and partners to implement the new framework. 

Adopted Regional Centers Framework

Regional Centers Framework, Adopted March 2018

Growth Management Policy Board Recommendation

Framework Development (2016-2017)

Why Did We Do This Project?

Centers play a big role in how the region accommodates growth. The Regional Centers Framework is how we focus and support growth while creating vibrant, livable communities. This centers framework update:

  • Clearly defines the types of central places—both larger and smaller—within the region that are the focus of growth, planning, and investment.
  • Provides for designation of centers at the regional and countywide levels in a way that is consistent across the region.
  • Establishes planning expectations that ensure centers are developing as thriving, equitable, and connected communities.

An updated framework and set of designated centers puts the region on a sound footing as it develops the VISION 2050 growth strategy to accommodate housing and jobs in walkable mixed-use communities, preserve industrial lands, and achieve an environmentally sustainable pattern of development.