Equity Tracker [DRAFT]

Last Updated: 
Aug 3, 2018

This page is for review by the Equity Advisory Committee. Please do not quote or reference the information presented here. All draft material is subject to change.

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Get the facts about equity

Caption for video will be located here. We intend to include a 3-4 minute introductory video on the Equity Tracker, its purpose, and a high-level overview of the content that will be included in this tool.


Disparities in key quality of life indicators have persisted in the central Puget Sound region, with people of color and historically marginalized communities having poorer life outcomes. Robust data and information are essential to developing strategies to build an equitable region for underserved communities.

The Equity Tracker provides PSRC members, employees, community partners, and the general public data to make efforts to address various disparities and advance racial equity more transparent and easier to track. It also provides another way to hold PSRC accountable in this work. Information in the Tracker will be updated periodically, provide a baseline to measure progress, and inform future policy and actions.



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