The Puget Sound Regional Council is working with the Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) to develop a Regional Equity Strategy. This strategy implements the policies in VISION 2050 that work towards equitable outcomes for all. It serves as a guide for coordinated planning, and includes tools and resources that can be used to support marginalized communities within the region.

The strategy is composed of four work areas designed to support internal and external regional equity goals: Community Engagement, Data & Research, Best Practices, and Capacity Building. Learn more about PSRC's Equity Work Program (PDF).

Community Engagement

Authentic engagement with marginalized communities is imperative to developing a holistic understanding of the challenges community members face and implementing effective solutions.

  • Addressing Displacement in the Central Puget Sound Region (PDF) – a directory of community-based organizations in the region that are developing solutions for displacement and best practices government agencies can use to support these organizations
  • Equitable Engagement for Comprehensive Plans (PDF) – guidance and examples for developing and carrying out equitable engagement
  • Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) – committee members work with staff to co-create products as part of the Regional Equity Strategy and advise PSRC committees and policy boards on regional policies and programs through an equity lens
  • Summer Planning Academy (SPA) – program encourages students to think creatively about how planning can help people lead better lives with the goal of encouraging students from diverse backgrounds to consider a career in planning

Data & Research

Data helps highlight areas of concern and progress toward reaching regional equity goals.

  • Demographic Profile (PDF) - demographic information at the county and regional scale by race, income, language access, ability and age
  • Displacement Risk Mapping – data resource on residential displacement risk factors
  • Legacy of Structural Racism – interactive report chronicling the history of discriminatory policy making in the Puget Sound region
  • Opportunity Mapping – data resource on access to opportunity in neighborhoods across the region
  • Puget Sound Trends –  brief data stories about population, transportation, economic and other trends in the central Puget Sound region
  • Racial Residential Segregation – resource explores residential settlement patterns across the region by race and explores various causes of racial residential segregation

Best Practices

Mitigation strategies, case studies, and resources are necessary to inform jurisdictions on how to ensure marginalized groups do not suffer from undue burdens and enjoy the benefits associated with increased growth.

Capacity Building

To lay the groundwork for developing equitable policies, data, and resources, PSRC has created resources and programs to help develop a deeper understanding of racial and social equity, and uncover opportunities for advancing racial equity in its activities and work.

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