Plan Submittal

Last Updated: 
Mar 10, 2017

We've developed tools for cities, counties and transit agencies to use to get plans ready for review by PSRC.

Through our plan review program, PSRC ensures local plans are in sync with the region’s VISION 2040 growth strategy. 

Each reporting tool includes a Checklist of provisions that should be addressed in the the policy document or plan and a Submittal Form where jurisdictions explain how their policies or plans address the major elements of VISION 2040.

The Checklist and Submittal Form for transit, center, local, and countywide plans and policies are available as Word documents so you can edit and save them electronically before submitting them along with your policies or plans (see instructions below).

Jurisdictions are also asked to submit their updated comprehensive plan future land use map in a shapefile format in order to better facilitate ongoing maintenance of regional data for modeling and analysis. Please send updated shapefiles or direct GIS-related questions to Lauren Engel.


  1. Download the appropriate Reporting Tool.
  2. Fill out the Reporting Tool and save a copy on your computer.
  3. Email your completed reporting tool and policy or plan documents to Laura Benjamin (

Reporting Tools and Examples


Plan Review Manual

Read the Plan Review Manual for details on the policy and plan review and certification process. The manual also provides guidance and checklists for aligning plans and policies with VISION 2040 and Growth Management Act requirements.

Memo on GTC Recommendations on Comprehensive Plans

The Memo on Growing Transit Communities Recommendations on Comprehensive Plans summarizes key elements for inclusion in your plan. It also outlines support that the PSRC can provide through its Policy and Plan Review Process.