FHWA and FTA Regional Funding

The 2018 project selection process has concluded.  Projects awarded PSRC’s 2021-2022 funding may be found below.

PSRC has concluded the 2018 project selection process, which distributed FFY 2021-2022 funds.  Projects are being incorporated into the 2019-2022 Regional Transportation Improvement Program. More information may be found on the Transportation Improvement Program web page.


Background Information

Background information on the 2018 project selection process, including the schedule, submitted applications and additional resources may be found below.

Regional Competitions

Countywide Processes

Call for Projects

2018 Policy Framework for PSRC's Federal Funds

Regional Project Evaluation Criteria

Checklists and Resources

2018 Project Selection Workshops

Applications and Screening Forms

Applications and Screening Forms

Sponsors wishing to compete in PSRC’s 2018 project selection process may access the required eligibility screening forms and application forms on PSRC’s 2018 Project Selection Form Page.  See the information below for instructions and assistance; please read this page before completing your forms.
Logging in to the System
To begin, you will first need a username and password:  sponsors should use their existing username and password from the TIP Web Application process.  If you do not have a username and password, please contact Chris Peak to obtain the login credentials for your agency.
Eligibility Screening Forms
Once you have logged into the system, you will be asked to select either Screening Forms or Funding Applications.  When completing an eligibility screening form, you will select the competition for which the screening form applies.   You will also have the option to edit, copy or delete any screening form. 
Important:  PSRC will review every screening form for eligibility; once our review is complete, the sponsor will receive a copy of their screening form and any PSRC eligibility comments that will need to be addressed prior to completing a funding application.
Funding Applications
When completing a funding application you will also select the competition for which you wish to submit.  You may elect to “pre-populate” the funding application with the responses previously provided in the screening form for a given project. 
Please note this feature will also provide the PSRC eligibility comments to those questions, to ensure sponsors address any eligibility issues prior to application submittal.  The system will also refer sponsors to key guidance and resources available for various questions.
General Tips
The online system is designed to be user friendly and ensure each question is answered accurately and completely. Each page of answers is saved automatically when you move to the next page. You may exit the system at any point in the form by closing your browser window or by clicking the “sign out” link at the top of the form, and you may return to complete your form later by logging in again.  You may also print a pdf of the application at any time by clicking “View/Download PDF” in the upper right corner of the screen.