FHWA and FTA Regional Funding

PSRC conducts regional competitions to award funding from the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration to priority projects in the region.

2017 Regional FTA Funding Competition 

PSRC’s 2017 Regional FTA Competition concluded in June. This was the final component of the overall 2016 project selection process for PSRC’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds. More information on the 2016 process can be found below.

2017 Project Selection

2016 Project Selection

Project Selection Process

We work with jurisdictions and organizations across the region for a broad level of participation. FHWA funds are programmed using a shared regional/countywide approach that been utilized since 1995. FTA funds are programmed using a process coordinated with FTA and the public transit agencies in the region, and includes a regional competitive process for a portion of the funds. 

Project Selection Criteria

Project evaluation criteria are specific to each process, but include such regional policies as:

       •  support for designated regional or local centers and the corridors that serve them
       •  provision of multimodal transportation options
       •  improvements to safety and mobility
       •  support for diverse populations
       •  improvements to air quality
       •  project delivery

FHWA Funding Programs

Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds are the most flexible and can be used for a variety of projects and programs.

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) funds can only be used for projects that improve air quality within certain areas.

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funds are for non-traditional projects such as pedestrian and bicycle facilities, community improvement activities, environmental mitigation, etc.

FTA Funding Programs

Section 5307 funds are the most flexible and can be used for a variety of planning and capital transit projects, such as bus purchases, transit facilities, etc.

Section 5337 funds are specific to replacement and rehabilitation projects.

Section 5339 funds are specific to buses and bus-related facilities.

Section 5310 funds are to support the mobility of seniors and individuals with disabilities, and are distributed through the Special Needs program.

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