Transportation Alternatives Program

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) is a Federal Highway Administration funding program for community-based transportation improvements such as bicycle/pedestrian facilities, historic preservation of transportation assets, environmental mitigation and others.  PSRC will be distributing $13.5 million of federal fiscal year 2022-2024 funds.

2021 Transportation Alternatives Program Competition

PSRC’s 2021 Transportation Alternatives Program project selection process is now underway.  Information from the Call for Projects is provided below, including the application link, schedule, criteria, and the presentation and recording of the virtual workshop held in October.

Additional Resources and Guidance

Eligibility Q & A

Is my agency eligible to compete for these funds?

Public agencies – including cities & towns, counties, transit agencies, tribes, ports, school districts, etc. – are eligible to submit applications and be awarded grants.

However, in order to accept and manage the grant, the agency must have Certification Acceptance status.  More information on the list of approved agencies and the requirements to become Certified can be found on WSDOT’s website.

Is my project eligible for these funds?

There are three general categories of project activities eligible for funding under the Transportation Alternatives Program, including Bicycle and Pedestrian, Historic Resources and Environmental.  All projects must have a relationship to the transportation system, and the specific list of eligible activities may be found in the Call for Projects.

What planning requirements must my project meet?

There are three primary requirements related to planning consistency that projects must meet.

  • Projects must be in or consistent with the local comprehensive plan of the jurisdiction in which the project is located.
  • The transportation element of the local comprehensive plan much be certified by PSRC.
  • Projects must be in or consistent with the Regional Transportation Plan.  Certain types and size of projects must be listed explicitly on the Regional Capacity Projects list in order to be eligible.

Details on each of these requirements may be found in the Resource document provided in the Call for Projects.

What are the requirements related to my funding request?

Project sponsors may request up to $2.5 million per project.

Funding requests are limited to two applications per agency.

Sponsors may request funding for any single phase.  Requests for more than one phase are limited to preliminary engineering plus the subsequent phase – e.g., PE + ROW, or PE + CN.  Requesting funds for both the right of way and construction phases is not allowed.

All project phases will have an obligation deadline of June 1st of the year awarded.

For the phase requesting PSRC funds, full funding of that phase must be reasonably demonstrated with the combination of PSRC and all other funds.  Guidance on secured, reasonably expected or unsecured funds may be found on PSRC’s website.

Additional details may be found in the Resource document provided in the Call for Projects.