Tracking and Delivery

PSRC’s project tracking program helps ensure the region's federal funds are put to work to improve transportation.

2018 Extension Forms now Available

Projects awarded PSRC’s FHWA funds have an obligation deadline of June 1st of the year awarded.  Those projects with funds awarded to a right of way or construction phase may request a one-time extension from June 1 to December 31. 

Extension forms for 2018 awards are now available.  Extension requests for eligible projects are due to PSRC by April 2nd. These requests will be reviewed by PSRC staff in consultation with WSDOT and the chairs of the Regional Project Evaluation Committee and the four countywide transportation forums, after which determinations will be communicated to sponsors by mid to late April.  For more information on deadlines and extension requests, see PSRC’s adopted Project Tracking Policies.

Project Tracking

PSRC’s project tracking program was created in 2000 to monitor the progress of projects awarded PSRC’s federal funds. Over time, these policies have successfully resulted in PSRC funds being utilized more efficiently and with fewer delays, ensuring the region continues to be successful and no funds are lost.

Project Delivery

Regions across the state are required to achieve annual delivery targets for the use of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds. If the delivery targets are not met, regions may lose some portion of their federal funds. PSRC has achieved its target each year since the statewide delivery was established.