Sponsors who wish to add or modify projects in the TIP can do so through the monthly amendment process. Once an application is submitted for inclusion in an amendment, it will be reviewed by PSRC staff for consistency with regional, state, and federal requirements. 

See the resources below to access the amendment application and amendment calendar, or for more information on the review process. 

Depending on the nature of the change requested, the application may require Transportation Policy and Executive Board approval. In general, applications to add a new phase not previously programmed in the TIP must be approved by PSRC’s Boards, unless the project is not a regionally significant project and has a total project cost of less than $3 million. A regionally significant project, as defined by the Regional Transportation Plan, is a project that expands the capacity of the regional network. These projects are identified in the Regional Transportation Plan Regional Capacity List.



TIP amendment applications

Sponsors of transportation projects around the region can add and change their projects in the Regional TIP through PSRC’s TIP Web Application. To begin using the application, you will first need a username and password.

Once you receive your username and have logged in to the web application, you will be asked to either A) start a new project application, B) modify a project application, or C) view your current unsubmitted project applications.

  • A) Start a new project application: Use to submit an application for a new project to the TIP.
  • B) Modify a project application: Use to start an application to modify a project that is currently in or has previously been in the TIP.
  • C) View your current project applications: You will select this option if you have previously logged in and have saved unsubmitted applications; this option allows you to continue working on those applications.

The TIP Web Application is designed to be user friendly and also ensures that each question is answered accurately and completely. Each page of answers is saved automatically when you move to the next page. You may exit the system at any point in the application by closing your browser window or by clicking the “sign out” link at the top of the form. You may return to complete your application later by logging in again.

Accessing the TIP Web Application

Please contact Catherine Kato to obtain the login credentials for your agency.

After you receive your login credentials, you may amend the current TIP to include your project through PSRC’s TIP Web Application.

2021 TIP Amendment Calendar

Please refer to the schedule below to determine when to submit applications to amend the TIP. Note that some applications are subject to board approval. For more information on determining whether your project is subject to this provision, please consult PSRC’s Amendment Review Process.

January 12/11/2020 21-01 1/15/2021 Mid-February
February 1/15/2021 21-02 2/19/2021 Mid-March
March 2/12/2021 21-03 3/19/2021 Mid-April
April 3/12/2021 21-04 4/16/2021 Mid-May
May* 4/16/2021 21-05 5/21/2021 Mid-June
June 5/14/2021 21-06 6/18/2021 Mid-July
July 6/11/2021 21-07 7/17/2021 Mid-August
August * 7/16/2021 21-08 8/20/2021 Mid-September
September 8/13/2021 21-09 9/17/2021 Mid-October
October 9/10/2021 21-10 10/15/2021 Mid-November

There are no STIP amendments in November and December.


* Note: PSRC boards do not meet every month. The table above identifies the standard months when the boards do not meet; however, this is subject to change. Projects requiring Board approval during months when the Boards do not meet will be processed the following month. Sponsors should consult the list of upcoming PSRC meetings  and take this information into consideration in order to meet project deadlines.

Amendment Schedule

Amendments are submitted to Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for inclusion in the State TIP, usually on the third Friday of each month. Final approval by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration is normally received the middle of the following month. Once PSRC receives verification of federal approval of the State TIP amendment, all affected sponsors will be notified by email. Below is the general guideline of the approval process.

Amendment Review Process

PSRC staff review every application for consistency with federal and state laws as well as regional policies and procedures. It is in the sponsor’s best interest to make sure their applications are completely and accurately filled out. Otherwise, project sponsors run the risk of delays while PSRCstaff seek clarifications or additional information. Applications are routinely reviewed for the following:

  • Consistency with Vision 2040 and Transportation 2040;
  • Financial constraint (are the funds secured or reasonably expected to be secured?);
  • Consistency with the regional air quality conformity finding;
  • Consistency with PSRC’s project tracking policies;
  • Federal functional classification;
  • Review of intelligent transportation system components per 
    federal and regional requirements.

Monthly routine amendments are generally submitted to WSDOT, FHWA, and FTA for state and federal review/approval on the third Friday of each month. Those approvals normally take an additional three weeks before amendments will be included into the State TIP. Once PSRC receives verification of federal approval, all sponsors with projects in a given amendment will be notified electronically. In addition, PSRC’s list of Recent Amendments (see below) and Appendix A of the Regional TIP are updated to include a list of all projects in the approved amendment.  See PSRC's TIP Amendment Procedures for more information. 

Recent Amendments




2021 STIP Approval