TIP Amendments

Sponsors who wish to add or modify projects in the Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) can do so through the monthly amendment process. Once an application is submitted for inclusion in an amendment, it will be reviewed by PSRC staff for consistency with regional, state, and federal requirements. 

See the materials and resources on this page to access the amendment application and amendment calendar, or for more information on the review process. 

Depending on the nature of the change requested, the application may require Transportation Policy Board and Executive Board approval. In general, applications to add a new phase not previously programmed in the TIP must be approved by PSRC’s Boards, unless the project is not a regionally significant project and has a total project cost of less than $3 million. A regionally significant project, as defined by the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), is a project that expands the capacity of the regional network. These projects are identified in the Regional Transportation Plan Regional Capacity List.

Materials and Resources