Growth Management

PSRC carries out growth management planning through the implementation of VISION 2050. VISION 2050 is a shared strategy for how and where the central Puget Sound region can grow to a forecast of 5.8 million people and 3.4 million jobs by the year 2050.

Successful implementation requires regional coordination and support for counties and cities in their efforts to make VISION 2050 a reality. PSRC has created several resources to support countywide and local planning efforts, in key areas such as housing, environmental conservation, and growth strategy implementation.


  • Centers – view regional centers profiles, designation criteria and centers planning resources
  • Community Profiles Dashboard – data dashboard providing a snapshot of demographic, housing, employment, and transportation statistics for cities and towns in the Puget Sound region
  • Environment - overview of environmental planning resources produced by PSRC
  • Growth Targets (PDF) – regional guidance on growth targets consistent with VISION 2050
  • Housing – overview of housing resources produced by PSRC, including the Regional Housing Strategy
  • Industrial Lands - assessment of economic activity on industrial lands, includes regional industrial land inventory
  • Passport to 2044 Comprehensive Plan Workshop Series – workshop series to support local jurisdictions updating their comprehensive plans
  • Plan Review – details the plan review and certification process and includes checklists for aligning with VISION 2050 and state law
  • Planning for Whole Communities Toolkit – includes topical resource guides, links, and best practices that local jurisdictions can use to promote health, equity, and sustainability in plans, programs, and policies
  • Planning Resources – guidance and other planning resources from PSRC and partner agencies supporting local growth management, economic development, and transportation planning efforts
  • Regional Food Policy – planning guides to assist communities in incorporating food policy in their comprehensive plans
  • School Siting Briefing Paper (PDF) - provides an overview of school siting issues, legal context, and current practices to support the process by which cities, counties, and school districts plan for and coordinate future school siting needs
  • Transit-Oriented Development – overview of transit-oriented development in VISION 2050 and Growing Transit Communities
  • VISION 2050 – regional strategy containing multicounty planning policies and actions to support long-term growth and development in the region