Housing Incentives and Tools Survey

Local jurisdictions are doing more to address housing access and affordability than in past decades. Since 2019, updates to regional policy, new resources and guidance, as well as state funded grants, have all helped to support local housing work.

As an implementation step for the Regional Housing Strategy, PSRC fielded a survey of local jurisdictions in the summer of 2022 – the Housing Incentives and Tools Survey (HITS). The survey provides insight into how housing tools, incentives, and strategies are being used and which are having the biggest impact on increasing housing development and affordability.

The 2022 HITS builds off a similar 2019 survey and captures new incentives, zoning and development regulations, and success, challenges, and opportunities for local jurisdictions in implementing housing strategies. A total of 74 responses were collected, representing 87% of the cities, towns, and counties in the central Puget Sound. 

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