Industrial Lands

Industrial lands are essential to the region's economy and support many of its biggest industries. With advancements in technology, changes in demographics, and impacts of climate change, proactively planning for the region's industrial lands is key to ensuring that they continue to serve the needs of the region's residents and businesses.

VISION 2050 recognizes the importance of industrial lands to the region and calls for cities and counties to continue preserving them while limiting incompatible land uses.

VISION 2050 includes DP-Action-2, which lays out next steps for PSRC:

  • Update the regional industrial land inventory
  • Evaluate supply and demand for industrial land across all industry sectors
  • Research trends for industrial uses as technology and markets evolve
  • Identify strategies to preserve, protect, and enhance industrial lands, jobs, and businesses in the region in coordination with jurisdictions' efforts to support their industrial land base

The Industrial Lands Analysis is an assessment of economic activity on industrial lands in the central Puget Sound region, including analysis of industry forecasts and the region's ability to accommodate economic growth on industrial lands. The report was last updated in 2015. The update to the Industrial Lands Analysis is expected to be completed in 2022.