Regional Housing Strategy

The Regional Housing Strategy works to ensure that all people have a range of safe and affordable housing choices in order to create a healthy and prosperous future for the region, including eliminating racial disparities in access to housing.

Regional Housing Strategy

The Regional Housing Strategy is a “playbook” of regional and local actions to preserve, improve, and expand housing stock in the region. The aim is to make a range of affordable, accessible, healthy, and safe housing choices available to every resident and to promote fair and equal access to housing for all people.

The Regional Housing Strategy will help guide and support upcoming local comprehensive plan updates. By providing data, guidance, and technical assistance, PSRC supports jurisdictions in their efforts to adopt best housing practices and establish coordinated local housing and affordable housing targets.

What's Happening Now?

In the fall of 2022, PSRC collaborated with the Department of Commerce to ask people in the region and across the state what they think about housing needs. The state and regional Housing Survey Report is below.

Housing Survey

The Executive Board adopted the Regional Housing Strategy in February 2022. PSRC, cities, counties, and other stakeholders are now working to implement the strategy, with a focus on providing resources and support for the 2024 local comprehensive plan update.

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