Regional Open Space Conservation Plan

PSRC is developing a regional plan to accelerate protection of open space now and into the future.


Trails, parks, forests, farms and many other kinds of open space make the Puget Sound region a special place to live. 

The Regional Open Space Conservation Plan will knit together open space and related plans from counties, tribes, resource agencies, salmon recovery groups, and other organizations. The plan will prioritize and elevate these open space needs to attract funding and support.


The Regional Open Space Conservation Plan will help implement regional policies and actions in VISION 2040. The following key questions will guide the development of the plan:

  1. How do the region’s open spaces benefit the region and what is their contribution to the regional economy, infrastructure, resiliency, and quality of life?
  2. What is the region’s current open space network?
  3. What open spaces are already protected and how?
  4. What are the highest priority open spaces needing protection and what are the benefits and costs of protecting them?
  5. What new opportunities and conservation strategies should be considered?

In addition to PSRC’s boards, committees, and public outreach, an advisory committee will provide guidance on the project.


The draft plan is expected to be released in spring 2018. The plan will be completed by fall 2018.