Regional Planning for a Sustainable Future

PSRC works to ensure a bright future for the region through planning for growth, transportation and economic development. 

Environmentally focused growth and a vibrant economy

PSRC is extending the region’s growth strategy another decade. VISION 2050 will build on the region’s existing VISION 2040 growth strategy to keep the central Puget Sound region healthy and vibrant as it grows.

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Affordable for all

The region is challenged to provide affordable housing with convenient access to jobs, schools and recreation.  VISION 2040 calls for expanding affordable housing near new transit centers and increasing access to transit, improving social equity and advancing opportunity for everyone.

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Catching up on transportation

Delay on major roads more than doubled in recent years.  Transit ridership is at record levels.  PSRC identifies investments to catch up and keep up. We are responsible for developing and maintaining the regional transportation plan.

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Sustaining good jobs

The region gained over 64,000 jobs in the past year – a near record high.  Total jobs in the region have now surpassed the 2 million mark and job growth is on pace to meet the region’s forecast of nearly 3 million jobs by 2040. PSRC is leading  implementation of the regional economic strategy, Amazing Place. This data-driven strategy identifies leading sectors and the ways the region intends to sustain economic development.  

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Data for smart planning

PSRC provides data and long term forecasts for transportation, population, jobs, housing and more to help the region get ready for the future.   

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