Regional Capacity Projects List and Approval Process

Regional Transportation Plan 2018 Update – Requested Project Updates

As part of the update to Transportation 2040, an opportunity was provided to update the list of larger scale regional investments planned through 2040.  This is referred to as the “Regional Capacity Projects” list.  Staff is currently in the process of thoroughly reviewing every project submittal for accuracy, but preliminary information is provided here.  Additional background information, including definitions and information on the Transportation 2040 prioritization measures may be found below.

Definition of a regional capacity project

Regional Capacity Projects are those projects adding capacity to the regional system above a pre-determined threshold, and include roadway, transit, bicycle/pedestrian and other project types. Projects meeting this threshold must be approved on the list before proceeding towards funding and implementation. Projects that are below this threshold are considered “programmatic” in the plan and are able to pursue funding and implementation with no further actions.

Project status

As part of the update, projects are requested to be either in the financially constrained plan or in the “Unprogrammed” portion of the plan. 

Note that the existing Regional Capacity Project List will remain in effect until the 2018 Regional Transportation Plan is adopted, and all projects will still be subject to the board approval process as described in the Resources below.