Regional Capacity Projects List and Approval Process

Call for RTP Project Updates

As part of the development of the Regional Transportation Plan, PSRC is accepting applications for updates to the Regional Capacity Projects List. Online applications are due May 7, 2021.

Information on the Call for Projects, including how to apply, regional project thresholds, and guidance materials may be found below.


Applications must be submitted for all projects

Sponsors must submit an application via PSRC’s online system for all projects. This includes projects in the current Regional Transportation Plan, as well as new project requests. Data on existing projects has been pre-populated in applications for your convenience, and you will be asked to review and update that data. Sponsors are asked to identify any projects that may have been completed since the last plan update. Agencies will use their existing Regional TIP web application username and password. For assistance with the online application, contact Mitch Koch.

Application Review

PSRC staff will review all online applications for completeness and will provide project sponsors a summary of submitted projects for confirmation.  Project costs will be normalized to a single year for financial analysis. Staff is available to work with you to resolve any questions.

Definitions and Resources

Definition of a regional capacity project

Regional Capacity Projects are those projects adding capacity to the regional system above a pre-determined threshold, and include roadway, transit, bicycle/pedestrian and other project types. Projects meeting this threshold must be approved on the list before proceeding towards funding and implementation. Projects that are below this threshold are considered “programmatic” in the plan and are able to pursue funding and implementation with no further actions.

Project status

Projects are required to be either in the financially constrained plan or in the “Unprogrammed” portion of the plan.

Prioritization Measures

The application includes questions related to the Regional Transportation Plan prioritization measures.  Guidance materials are provided below to help sponsors respond to these questions and explain the scores for each measure.  Information on every project will be provided to PSRC’s boards in summer 2021, at which time they will review available financial resources and regional policy to determine whether projects are included in the financially constrained or unprogrammed portion of the plan.



  • March 29 – May 7, 2021 Project sponsors submit online application for projects.
  • May – June 2021 PSRC staff review of applications.
  • Summer 2021 Draft project list reviewed by PSRC boards, incorporation into draft plan analyses
  • December 2021 Draft plan released for public comment
  • May 2022 Board Adoption of Regional Transportation Plan (2022-2050), including Regional Capacity Project List

Note that the existing Regional Capacity Project List will remain in effect until the new plan is adopted, and all projects will still be subject to the board approval process as described in the Resources to the right.

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