Regional Outcomes

Last Updated: 
Jul 10, 2018

The Regional Outcomes program supports better decision making on transportation.

Regional Outcomes are used to evaluate how proposed transportation projects and plans implement regional policies in VISION 2040 and the Regional Transportation Plan. Funding and planning decisions will be informed with data on how projects affect air quality, access to jobs, travel time, safety, and other factors.

PSRC provides an interactive online tool for Regional Performance Data that is updated periodically to track how the region is achieving transportation goals.  This data can help identify where problems exist in the network, if new ones are emerging, and if there are areas of improvement. The goal is to provide data for decision makers on successful congestion reduction and mitgation strategies and provide feedback as the region develops new plans. 

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List of Regional Outcomes

  1. Maintain air quality and reduce climate change emissions
  2. Support existing and new populations in centers
  3. Improve freight mobility
  4. Improve health by providing physical activity options
  5. Improve access to jobs
  6. Maintain and preserve the transportation system
  7. Provide multimodal choices
  8. Preserve Puget Sound land and water
  9. Provide a safe and secure transportation system
  10. Improve access to opportunity for populations in need
  11. Deliver efficient and reliable travel for people and goods

Regional Performance Data

PSRC reports on data measures related to Regional Outcomes through an interactive online tool that helps tell the story of how the region's transportation system in performing and how well the region is achieving other goals for growth management, air quality, access to opportunity and more. The data provides important feedback as the region addresses current challenges and prepares for the future. 

Congestion Management Process (CMP)

As the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the central Puget Sound region, PSRC maintains a Congestion Management Process (CMP). A CMP is a systematic process for managing congestion that provides information on how well the transportation system is working and on alternative strategies to alleviate congestion and enhance mobility of people and goods. The Congestion Management Process at PSRC is incorporated into the broader performance-based Regional Outcomes program.