Plan Scoping

VISION 2050 will provide a guide for sustaining a healthy environment, thriving communities, and a strong economy.

From 2040 to 2050

VISION 2040 helps coordinate state and regional initiatives and support local decisions to help fulfill the goals of the state Growth Management Act. Regionally, growth is shifting towards more compact, sustainable development occurring within urban areas and cities, cost effective and efficient services, reduced impacts on the environment, and positive health outcomes.

At the same time, the region continues to face significant issues. The climbing cost of housing is a major challenge. Congestion from rapid growth is reducing access to jobs, services, and housing. While recent economic growth has been strong, prosperity hasn’t benefited everyone or all parts of the region. Finally, pressing environmental issues, such as climate change and preserving open space require more collaborative, long-term action.

VISION 2050 is an opportunity for cities and counties to work together to address the most pressing challenges that extend beyond the boundaries of any single community.


Environmental Review

PSRC, as lead agency for environmental review, has determined that the proposal to update VISION 2040 is likely to have significant adverse impacts on the environment, and is therefore issuing a Determination of Significance (DS). PSRC intends to prepare a supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS) on the proposed update to VISION 2040. The SEIS will contain new information and analysis, and may also build on data and analysis contained in existing environmental documents, any of which may be adopted or incorporated by reference as appropriate, according to SEPA rules.

PSRC is accepting comments on the VISION 2050 scoping notice from Friday, February 2, 2018, through Monday, March 19, 2018. We want to hear from you!