Public Involvement

Last Updated: 
Oct 10, 2019

PSRC is working with cities, counties, tribes, other agencies and interest groups, and people throughout the region to develop VISION 2050, the region’s long-range plan to keep the central Puget Sound region healthy and vibrant as it grows.

Regional planning is only successful if the region's residents participate in the process. PSRC has organized a variety of ways to get people involved and share feedback as VISION 2050 is developed.

What's Happening Now?

PSRC heard from 619 commenters during the draft VISION 2050 public comment period. The Growth Management Policy Board (GMPB) considered all public comments and proposed over 200 amendments to the draft plan prior to developing the GMPB recommended draft.

The GMPB Recommended draft VISION 2050 (December 2019) was transmitted to the Executive Board on January 16, 2020. They are currently in the process of review. VISION 2050 is scheduled to be acted on by PSRC's General Assembly in May 2020.


VISION 2050 Timeline


Opportunities to Get Involved

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