Our region is currently experiencing a traffic safety crisis. Roadway deaths have risen sharply since 2010, and an increasing number of those killed are people walking or riding a bike — our most vulnerable travelers.

Join the National Roadway Safety Strategy Call to Action and commit to specific actions to reduce serious injuries and deaths on roadways.

Acknowledging this crisis, safety was one of the key policy focus areas and a cross-cutting issue addressed throughout the Regional Transportation Plan adopted in 2022. In addition, VISION 2050 – the region’s overarching policy framework – includes a policy to support and achieve the state’s long-term goal of zero deaths and serious injuries.

PSRC received two Safe Streets and Roads for All Grants totaling $7.7 million from the Department of Transportation to support the development of a regional safety action plan and provide technical assistance for nearly 20 communities in the region to create local safety plans. Expected adoption of the Regional Safety Action Plan is spring 2025.

All of PSRC's safety work follows the U.S. Department of Transportation's Safe System Approach, which takes a holistic view of traffic safety and mitigating risk.