Transit Access

Transit access refers to the ability of people to easily get to and use public transportation. Making sure that as many people as possible can easily get to and use transit will be fundamental to the success of the policy and planning decisions and major capital and operational investments in transit that the central Puget Sound region has made and will continue to make over the coming years.

PSRC has been engaged in transit access work for the past several years. PSRC’s work builds on efforts from around the region to identify regional transit access needs and to clarify priorities for implementing transit access improvements. In early 2016, PSRC released the Transit Access Assessment, which identified 15 findings about transit access in the region and were generated from a best practices and literature review, interviews with local elected officials from throughout the region, and the completion of case studies that examined transit access issues at eight major sites of transit service. The Transit Access Assessment also called for PSRC to create products that give all regional stakeholders the ability to assess transit access conditions and help to apply tools and strategies to improve access based on existing and anticipated needs throughout the region.