Transportation 2040

PSRC is updating the regional transportation plan. 

The region is updating the transportation plan to reflect changes in the region since the last plan was adopted in 2014.The update will be done within the framework of the current plan and existing Environmental Impact Statement.

The timing of the update is good. The region is experiencing a surge in growth, big decisions have been made on major investments, and fast developing new technologies are challenging planners to rethink assumptions about the future. 

Ways to get involved:

  • See the projects proposed for the plan update in the on-line web-map
  • Send us an email if you’d like to make a comment or to request a briefing related to the update

Here's the outreach schedule for the Transportation 2040 Update:

Other ways to get involved and be informed

  • Read about what’s happening on the PSRC Blog
  • Participate.  PSRC hosts a Peer Networking Series each month focused on best practices in local planning.  Although not specifically part of the plan update, this is a great way for members of the public to get involved and share ideas
  • Follow the conversations of your policymakers.  Each meeting of the Transportation Policy Board can be watched online anytime
  • Read more about the update in the information shared below

Current Plan