Plan Review Manual

Last Updated: 
Mar 10, 2017

The Plan Review Manual provides details on the policy, review and certification process. It also provides guidance and checklists for aligning plans and policies with VISION 2050 and Growth Management Act requirements.

The Plan Review Manual describes expectations for both amendments and updates to countywide planning policies, local comprehensive plans, transit agency plans, and regional center subarea plans.

Note: It is intended that you use only those portions that are most relevant to your specific type of plan.The Plan Review Manual is in the process of being updated to reflect VISION 2050, the newly adopted long-range plan. For more information about this project or to view the draft manual and tools, contact Andrea Harris-Long at

Plan Review Manual

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Model VISION 2040 Statement

Part 3: Reporting Tools

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Appendix A: Adopted Policy and Plan Review Process

Appendix B: Excerpt from VISION 2040

Appendix C: VISION 2040 Multicounty Planning Policies

Appendix D: GMA – Transportation Element

Appendix E: Topic-by-Topic Guidance

Appendix E-1: Consistency with VISION 2040

Appendix E-2: Consistency with Transportation 2040

Appendix E-3: GMA Requirements for Local Transportation Planning

Appendix E-4: Planning for Centers

Appendix F: Example of a Completed Plan Review Report

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Additional Resources

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