Puget Sound Transportation Panel Survey, 1989-2002

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Dec 4, 2014

The surveys collect day-to-day information from households in the central Puget Sound region: how we travel, where we go, how long it takes us, etc. The goal is to obtain a complete picture of travel patterns in the region to produce better plans for the future.

How Are Survey Results Used?

The surveys help the Puget Sound Regional Council and communities throughout the region plan transportation improvements. For example, what role can transit, biking and walking play in improving regional mobility?

About the 1989-2002 Survey

The Puget Sound Transportation Panel was composed of approximately 1,700 households in the four-county region, which were tracked for the duration of the study, totaling 10 waves conducted every 1-3 years. The panel was supplemented by replacement households as needed.


PSTP Summary

Project Overview slideshow (1997)

Development of a Household Panel Survey Plan (1989)

Sample Design for a Household Panel (1988)


Panel statistics

Attitude Survey Index

Wave Reports 1989-2002

Recruit Surveys 1989-2002

Travel Diaries 1989-2002

Attitude Surveys 1990-2002