Commercial Space Sector Study

PSRC is leading an effort to analyze Washington’s role in the emerging commercial space sector.

Washington state and the central Puget Sound region have long been at the forefront of space innovation. 

Local expertise sent the Apollo missions into orbit and the Curiosity rover to Mars.

Today, private sector companies throughout the state are leading the way in a new era of space travel and exploration. The region’s highly skilled aerospace and information & communication technology workforce are launching ground-breaking reusable rockets, crew capsules, and satellites at a rapid pace.

Launches scheduled for 2018 will push this emerging sector to new heights.

More information, however, is needed to understand the competitive environment facing the state region and region for future jobs and investments in this sector. PSRC is leading the effort to better understand this sector – identifying strengths to build on and weaknesses to shore up. 

The Economic Development Board adopted the study as an implementation Action Item for Amazing Place in December 2017.

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