Transit Agencies Triennial Review Information

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Dec 19, 2017

The region’s public transit agencies are required to receive a triennial review by the Federal Transit Administration to maintain their eligibility to receive federal transit funds. Information prepared by the Regional Council—for the planning and programming processes it maintains—is available to the transit agencies to assist with their triennial review preparation.

PSRC maintains memoranda of understanding (MOUs) for planning coordination and cooperation with the region’s transit agencies and WSDOT. These MOUs provide a framework for cooperative transportation planning, avoid duplication of effort, and optimize public transportation planning and investments in support of local, countywide, and multicounty growth management policies and objectives in the central Puget Sound region.

In addition to such cooperation and coordination being in the public interest, the MOUs also satisfy federal regulations requiring such an agreement between PSRC, in its role as the designated metropolitan planning organization, and the local public transit agencies and Sound Transit (as local and regional public transit agency) as well as with WSDOT to specify cooperative procedures for conducting transportation planning (including corridor and subarea studies) and programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the transportation management area for PSRC’s region? Is PSRC in a TMA?

PSRC is in a TMA, which is an urban area over 200,000 population and was established in 1991 by the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act. PSRC’s TMA was designated in 1991.

How often does PSRC undergo a metropolitan planning organization (MPO) certification review by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration?

FHWA & FTA conduct their MPO certification review of PSRC about every four years. Contact TIP Staff for a copy of the most recent certification.

Does PSRC have a Public Participation Plan?

PSRC adopted its first Public Participation Plan in 1993. It was updated in 1994, 2002, 2007, 2012, 2014, and last in 2017.

How does PSRC involve private transportation providers in the public review of the draft transportation improvement program?

PSRC includes private transportation providers in its public involvement process. Public transportation providers are included on PSRC’s mailing list for agendas, newsletters and other notification methods.

Does PSRC’s public involvement process for the draft transportation improvement program satisfy the FTA “program of projects” review for public transit agencies for their federally funded TIP projects?

Yes, PSRC’s methods for publicizing the draft TIP and for requesting comments from the public include the suggested text to satisfy FTA’s the POP requirements. For example, when PSRC announces that the draft TIP or any FTA funded project is available for public comment, notification materials contain the FTA-mandated phrase “This public notice of public involvement activities and time established for public review and comments on the TIP development process will satisfy the FTA’s Program of Projects requirements.” Copies of press releases related to FTA funding are available by calling 206-587-4819.

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