Transportation 2040 Adopted Plan

Last Updated: 
Jul 20, 2017

Transportation 2040 is a long-range plan for transportation in the central Puget Sound region.

Every four years, the region updates the plan to reflect changing conditions and to meet state and federal requirements. The last major update to Transportation 2040 happened in 2010. Since then, the plan has been kept current with periodic updates and amendments.  To request environmental review documents prior to 2014, contact PSRC’s Information Center, 206-464-7532.

Transportation 2040 Plan

Transportation 2040 Adopted Plan & Map


Appendix B: Projects and Programs by SMART Corridor

Appendix C: Multicounty Planning Policies

Appendix D: The Metropolitan Transportation System

Appendix E: Regional Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Appendix F: Financial Strategy Background

Appendix G: Environmental Justice

Appendix H: Analysis Tool Documentation

Appendix I: Public Involvement and Outreach

Appendix J: Regional Freight Strategy

Appendix K: Coordinated Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan

Appendix L: Climate Change Background

Appendix M: Administrative Procedures

Appendix N: Regional Capacity Projects

Appendix O: Active Transportation Plan

Appendix P: Prioritization

Appendix R: Rural Transportation Study

Appendix S: State of Good Repair

Appendix T: Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Action Plan

2014 Transportation 2040 Update SEPA Addendum