New park opens in Downtown Redmond

Vibrant community space serves growing urban center

People who visit or live in downtown Redmond have a new city park to enjoy.

Redmond’s Downtown Park opened this month with a ribbon cutting event and community picnic.

“This vibrant community space encourages neighborhood gatherings, celebrations, special events, art, music, and fun for all residents," said Redmond Mayor John Marchione.

"Great parks provide all new neighborhoods a community space that is essential to our quality of life. All of Redmond’s neighborhoods have parks, and this is our newest addition. This is an exciting moment for the entire Redmond community,” Marchione said. 

Features include a raised lawn with deck and trees, splash pad, a pavilion, artwork titled Buoyant by Jill Anholt, a plaza with dining grove, and more.

The new park is in the heart of Redmond’s growing downtown urban center, which is home to nearly 6,000 residents and over 10,000 jobs. Downtown Redmond is one of 29 designated regional growth centers. 

The downtown is expected to accommodate one-third of Redmond’s planned housing growth through 2030.

Since 2010, more than 1,200 new multi-family homes have been issued permits and the downtown center is anticipated to grow from 4,300 in 2010 to 11,400 in 2030. 

You can see a map of the projects planned and underway on Redmond’s website.

Downtown Redmond will be served by light rail coming in 2024.