2018 Transit Integration Report

Briefing at Transportation Policy Board on Nov 8

A new report from PSRC describes ways that transit agencies, cities and other stakeholders are working together to improve transit performance throughout the region.

The report highlights coordination underway as the region makes major investments in the regional transit system.

Agencies are working together on building and making it easier to access regional transit hubs, including Colman Dock, Tacoma Dome Station, Lynnwood Link, and Northgate Station.

For example, transit agencies are thinking ahead about how bus routes will change to serve regional hubs as new light rail service comes online.

Transit agencies are also coordinating on fare payment, shared mobility services, wayfinding, and parking to create a more  connected system of transportation choices for customers.

Check out the full report for more information on these stories and more.

The Transportation Policy Board will discuss the report at its meeting on November 8. Also on the board’s agenda:

  • Recommending a change in Sound Transit’s Lynnwood Link Extension project status from “Candidate” to “Approved”
  • Regional priorities for special needs transportation grant funding through WSDOT
  • Commute Trip Reduction Board’s 2019-2023 strategic plan

See the full agenda here or watch the meeting live.