2020 Policy Framework for PSRC Funding

Executive Board plans approval next week

The Executive Board plans to approve the 2020 Policy Framework for PSRC Funding at its meeting next week.

The Policy Framework becomes the guidance for the project selection for PSRC Funding and outlines how each process will be conducted. It includes the following:

  • appropriate estimates to be used to program federal fiscal year (FFY) 2023-2024 funds
  • policy focus of support for centers and the corridors that serve them
  • set-asides for bicycle and pedestrian investments, preservation, the Rural Town Centers and Corridors Program, and PSRC’s work program
  • the split of funds between the regional and countywide processes for PSRC’s FHWA funds
  • the split of funds between the regional and earned share processes for PSRC’s FTA funds
  • other details of each competitive process, including refinements to the project evaluation criteria and information on the four countywide processes

The board will also be briefed on the draft VISION 2050 plan recommended by the Growth Management Policy Board.

In addition, the board will act on requests for new membership from Carnation and Cascade Water Alliance, changes to the Executive Board composition, and an exchange of funding sources to meet project tracking goals.

View the full agenda or watch the meeting live on Thursday, January 23 at 10 am.