2050 Aviation Forecast

Executive Board briefing on June 27

New 2050 forecasts for commercial, air cargo and general aviation activities in the region will be the main discussion topic of the Executive Board meeting on June 27. 

The forecasts were prepared as part of the Regional Aviation Baseline Study being led by PSRC. The purpose of the study is to provide a clear picture of the aviation activities and needs in the region and set the stage for future planning efforts. Continued, coordinated planning is essential for ensuring that the regional airport system can support future demand. 

In addition, the board is poised to designate the Cascade Industrial Center as the region’s 10th Manufacturing Industrial Center. Located in the cities of Arlington and Marysville in Snohomish County, the center currently contains nearly 8,000 jobs, and the cities are planning for 20,000 jobs by 2040.

The board will also be asked to approve a supplemental funding action to help the region meet its 2019 delivery target.

View the full agenda or watch the meeting live at 10 am on June 27.