377 ways to make transportation better

Executive Board to decide on approval of new Transportation Improvement Program

On October 25, the Executive Board will vote on approval of the Regional Transportation Improvement Program for 2019-2022.

The TIP is like the region’s transportation to-do list for the next four years.  On that list:  377 projects worth a total of $6.4 billion.

You can see what’s happening in your town or on your route to work on this map of projects.

Or check out this report that lists projects by jurisdiction alphabetically, from Arlington to WSDOT.

The projects in the TIP are funded with federal, state and local funds, including the most recent federal grants awarded through PSRC as part of the 2018 project selection process.

The TIP is required under federal and state laws and helps to ensure that transportation projects in the region are meeting regional policies and federal and state requirements such as those under the Clean Air Act.

At the meeting, the Executive Board will also have a discussion on VISION 2050 and the Regional Growth Strategy and hear about the Growth Management Policy Board's work to develop growth scenarios for environmental analysis.

See the full agenda or watch the meeting live