$7.7 million more for transit

Transit riders in the region will benefit from extra funding from the Federal Transit Administration for more than 20 projects.

[caption id="attachment_8527" align="alignleft" width="300"]The city of Seattle received funding to electrify route 48 as part of its 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvements project. Funding is being proposed to help the City of Seattle electrify route 48 as part of its 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvements project.[/caption]

The region’s transit agencies receive funds from the FTA based on a formula that considers service and operating characteristics. In general, the more passengers a transit agency serves, the more funding they are eligible for.

The exact funding amount is fine-tuned on an annual basis. This year’s adjustment means an additional $7.7 million for the region. Some of the projects recommended for funding include:

• $1 million for electrifying part of Route 48 in Seattle – converting the route from diesel to electric trolley bus between Cherry and John streets

• $370,398 for Kitsap Transit bus purchases

• $2,745,796 to Intercity Transit for coach and vanpool purchases and operations. Intercity Transit provides commuter service to the region.

• $325,843 for remodeling Skagit Transit’s maintenance facility. Skagit Transit is eligible for PSRC funding because of the commuter services it provides to the region. Since this is a newly proposed project, PSRC is inviting public comment on the funding recommendation.

The Transportation Policy Board made the recommendation to approve the funding at its meeting today. The Executive Board will take final action on January 28.