$8.3 million to fund special needs transportation projects in region

Providing service to people with mobility challenges

This month the Washington State Department of Transportation announced $4.1 million in funding awards to programs that provide special needs transportation services in the region.

In combination with PSRC’s $4.2 million in regionally managed special needs transportation funds, the region will receive a total of $8.3 million for 20 projects for the 2017-2019 biennium.

This is about $1 million more in state funds than the previous biennium, which will allow many of the programs to continue to provide service to vulnerable populations.

Special needs programs offer transportation services for seniors, people with disabilities, and other people with mobility challenges due to age, income, or disability.

PSRC times its special needs Coordinated Grant competition to leverage funding from the statewide competition, which funds similar types of projects in rural and small urban areas of the state.

The full list of funded projects is available on PSRC’s special needs web page.