Bonney Lake, Lakewood, Tacoma and Tukwila win Smart Communities Awards

2019 Governor’s Smart Communities Award winners announced

Four cities in the central Puget Sound region have earned recognition from Governor Jay Inslee for outstanding achievements in growth management planning.

The Smart Communities award program recognizes achievements by local leaders who promote smart growth planning and projects that contribute to thriving communities, a prosperous economy, and sustainable infrastructure in Washington.

"Creativity, collaboration and public engagement are key to ensuring that communities are successful in meeting future growth and prosperity goals," said Governor Inslee. “This year’s award-winning plans and projects exemplify some of the reasons why Washington is consistently ranked one of the best states in America.”


Lakewood Downtown Plan
Lakewood Downtown Plan

The City of Lakewood won a Smart Vision Award for the Lakewood Downtown Plan. 

Over 2017 and 2018, Lakewood developed a downtown plan reflecting the aspirations of multi-generations, ethnicities, residents, businesses and property owners. The plan envisions a well-designed mixed-use place to live, work and shop. Downtown is enriched by parks that are accessible and traversable by all travel modes and offers a rich quality of life and strong economy.


Tukwila Village
Tukwila Village

The City of Tukwila and partners won a Smart Partnership Award for the Tukwila Village, a new multicultural and multi-generational community and neighborhood center.

The tangible benefits are already visible in the form of commercial spaces, high-density residential housing, shared parking, a new public library, and a new public space for community events and gatherings. The Tukwila Village Community Development Association was formed to improve the social welfare of the community by promoting arts, economic development, education, health and community building.


Hillside Terrace housing in Tacoma
Housing in Tacoma (Photo - Tacoma Housing Authority)

The City of Tacoma won a Smart Housing Strategies Award for its Affordable Housing Action Strategy. For many years, Tacoma has worked to tackle its challenges relating to housing affordability, while also working to address a need for a more strategic and sustainable long-term approach to its housing investments.

From March to September 2018, the city partnered with other agencies, organizations and community members to develop a comprehensive affordable housing action strategy, informed by available data, extensive community engagement and input from a core stakeholder group of subject matter experts.


Logo for Bonney Lake Watershet Plan and Centers Plan

The City of Bonney Lake won a Judges’ Merit Award for its Watershed Protection and Land Use Planning.

The watershed project represents a holistic approach to addressing multiple goals of the Growth Management Act: preserving and protecting water quality and habitat, encouraging citizen participation, facilitating economic development, promoting healthy lifestyles and accommodating growth in urban areas.

Washington’s Growth Management Act has been in place for 29 years. Using it as a framework, local communities plan and implement their visions for the future.

Every city and county within the central Puget Sound region develops a long-term (comprehensive) plan to shape the future of their community.  PSRC works with local governments and agencies to ensure that planning is coordinated and meets regional and state requirements.