Census responses are beginning to pour in

The Census Bureau is providing daily updates through its online map

Eastern Washington is beating us, folks.

An interactive map published by the Census Bureau shows households in Benton County are Washington's top respondents as of yesterday. Bentonians sailed to the top of the state's 39 counties, with a 51.8% response rate.

King County ranked second with 50.8%. Among the other central Puget Sound counties, Kitsap took seventh place (48.8%), Snohomish was in ninth (48.3%) and Pierce took the twelfth position (46.0%).



Most cities in the region are showing response rates above the national average. In the top city, Brier, households have filled in their census forms at an impressive rate of 62.1%. Just one day after the official census day of April 1, they’re flying towards their 2010 response total of 83.7%.

The top 10 spots are dominated by a host of smaller cities:

At state level, Washington is tied with Ohio for tenth place, with a rate of 46.7%. The top five spots are filled with Midwesterners, with Minnesota at the top (51.8%), followed by Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Nebraska.

But when it comes to using the internet to respond, Washingtonians are on their game. This state is fourth in its online response rate, at 44.9%. Census respondents have the option to answer questions online, on the phone or by mail.

Curious about how many people in your community are responding to the 2020 Census? You can see daily updates of responses at the Census Bureau's Response Rates web page.