Cleaner transportation part of Governor's climate proposal

$350,000 proposed for PSRC study of new passenger ferry service

Ramping up electrification of ferries and building more electric vehicle charging stations are among the steps called for in Governor Inslee’s new plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

The focus on cleaner transportation is in sync with the Regional Transportation Plan, which includes a four-part strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

The Governor’s plan promotes electric vehicles and ferries and seeks to make electric and zero-emission vehicle options more affordable and convenient for consumers.

Transportation is responsible for the single largest share of Washington’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The Governor’s budget proposal includes $350,000 for PSRC to study new passenger ferry service to better connect communities throughout the 12-county Puget Sound region.

The study would assess potential new routes, identify future terminal locations, and provide recommendations to accelerate the electrification of the ferry fleet.

The study would analyze potential routes and terminal locations on Puget Sound, Lake Washington and Lake Union.  A report to the Legislature would be due by January 31, 2021.  



I am surprised to see that the governor is stating that he is promoting electric vehicles. The legislature imposed a large license fee on electric cars so owners get a surprise when the renewal arrives in the mail. In my case, it was an extra $300. This seems like the opposite of promoting electric cars. Additionally, the electrical infrastructure to car owner's homes is dated and can be a barrier to adoption. I have an older home and I was told that I need to upgrade the electrical service from the street to my house and replace my breaker panel in order to add a charger. This was quoted at $4000. Yes, I can make use of public chargers, but they tend to cost 4x the price of charging at home (40 cents/kwh vs 10 cents/kwh). I leased an electric car for 2 years, and I agree that they are probably the future, but we do need to dig deeper into these issues if we want to see more adoption. I gave back my electric car and purchased a gas car while I wait for cars and infrastructure to improve.