Commerce awards funding for EV charging infrastructure

Over $3 million for six projects in central Puget Sound region

The Washington State Department of Commerce has announced funding awards statewide for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including more than $3 million for projects in the central Puget Sound region:

  • City of Tacoma - $597,558 for additional EV charging stations in the downtown area, including both Level 2 and DC fast chargers at sites serving local workplaces and event centers
  • Port of Seattle - $1.2 million to install DC fast charging EV chargers to serve the ride-hailing/taxi holding lot at Sea-Tac Airport
  • Puget Sound Energy - $77,762 to install a Level 2 charger serving a shared, light-duty electric vehicle that affordable housing residents may access for transportation in Auburn
  • Seattle City Light - $600,000 to install battery-integrated EV fast chargers in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, serving ride-hail and taxi drivers, residents of nearby multi-unit dwellings and employees of nearby workplaces
  • Snohomish County Public Utility District #1
    • $135,582 to install charging stations at a housing and commercial building serving formerly homeless people in Everett
    • $728,780 to install an en-route induction bus charging station as a demonstration project for regional transit agencies and fleets

In selecting projects, Commerce placed priority on serving communities disproportionately impacted by climate change and pollution from transportation systems, many of which are often low-income and communities of color.

The grants also prioritized communities underserved by existing electric transportation infrastructure, supporting projects that advance zero-emission transportation technology.

You can learn more about the state's Electrification of Transportation Systems program on the Commerce website.