Complete Count in 2020

Committee aims for inclusive Census

The U.S. Census counts every resident of the United States.

It is conducted every decade and the results of the Census are used to draw federal, state and local political boundaries, and distribute more than $880 billion total in federal funds to states, counties and cities.

Census data is also used to help decide where to build schools, roads, health care facilities, child care and senior centers and other facilities.

Washington State has launched a Complete Count Committee to increase awareness and motivate residents to respond to the 2020 Census.

Chaired by Gary Locke, former Governor and former Commerce Secretary, the Washington State Complete Count Committee is coordinating across all geographies, demographies, and professions to support all efforts to ensure a complete and accurate count. Its members include private, nonprofit, and elected and appointed leaders from across the state.

Complete Count Committees are volunteer committees established by tribal, state and local governments as well as community leaders or organizations whose members are involved in their respective regions and communities to educate and promote census participation.

The Washington State Complete Count Committee held its most recent meeting April 10 in the Boardroom at PSRC to discuss statewide Complete Count efforts and the state legislature’s budget allocation for census promotion activities.

The Puget Sound Regional Council is a State Data Center for the central Puget Sound region, PSRC keeps a complete inventory of data released from the 1990, 2000, and 2010 censuses, as well as the American Community Survey (ACS). PSRC also works with the U.S. Census Bureau, local agencies, and the public on census-related issues in the region.