Comprehensive plans next up for full certification

South Prairie, Tukwila and Wilkeson

The Growth Management Policy Board will act on plan certification recommendations for Tukwila, South Prairie and Wilkeson on Thursday, November 2.

The plans for South Prairie and Wilkeson both previously received conditional certifications related to inconsistencies with Pierce County growth targets.

In June 2017, Pierce County amended its growth targets and they are now in alignment with each town’s capacity to accommodate growth.

Tukwila’s comprehensive plan had been conditionally certified because of internal inconsistencies between population and employment targets in different elements of the plan.

In October 2017, Tukwila adopted amendments to the plan that address the condition.

Every city and county within the central Puget Sound region develops a long-term (comprehensive) plan to shape the future of their community. 

PSRC works with local governments and agencies to ensure that planning is coordinated and meets regional and state requirements.  

These current plan certifications are part of a major round of plan updates and review that started in 2015. A few cities are still working on their plans, but all jurisdictions are expected to receive full certification.

Also on the Growth Management Policy Board’s agenda:

See the full agenda here. The meeting will be Thursday, November 2, 10 a.m.– 12 p.m., at PSRC. Attend in person or watch the meeting video.