Connecting Snohomish County riders to Link light rail

Sound Transit and Community Transit looking for feedback by Dec 31

Do you ride the bus from Snohomish County to the UW or downtown Seattle?  Community Transit and Sound Transit want to hear from you!

With Northgate Link set to open in 2021, the transit agencies are considering changes to bus routes to improve service.

From Northgate, riders will be able to get to the University of Washington in six minutes and downtown Seattle in 14 minutes.  Four-car trains, which hold up to 800 people, will run every six minutes during rush hour.

Sound Transit and Community Transit are working together to adjust bus routes so that Snohomish County residents can take advantage of this new transit option.

Ideas include rerouting some bus routes to Northgate, where riders could transfer to the Link light rail.

To learn more and provide your feedback, visit and take the survey by December 31, 2019.