Count us in for the 2020 census

Census data is vital for an accurate picture of the region

In a few weeks, the U.S. Census Bureau will count every person in America.

Data from the 2020 census will be critical for regional planning. PSRC uses the census to ensure that plans and reports are based on real-world data about the people who live here. No population data source is as accurate and complete as the decennial census. PSRC uses Census Bureau data to:

  • Develop an accurate picture of the region’s residents for the Regional Transportation Plan, VISION 2050 and other plans.
  • Help ensure that local planning meets equity goals.For example, Opportunity Mapping includes census data to help identify where residents have/lack job, housing, and transportation opportunities.
  • Check that models for future growth are grounded in current, reliable information about the region’s communities.
  • Give the public, planners, and elected officials a clear view of local demographics.

PSRC also helps local jurisdictions use census data for long-range plans and provisions in the Growth Management Act.

As a partner in the Census Bureau’s State Data Center network, PSRC assists the public, businesses and community organizations with finding census data that meets their needs. One way is by putting data for over 200 cities, towns and smaller places on

The 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010 censuses, as well as American Community Survey statistics, are all available.

Learn more about your community with the census page on And don’t forget to be counted on April 1!